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Lehman Property Management is committed to facilitating the leasing process between landlords and tenants. To begin, our expertise in marketing and advertising ensures that the right audience knows about your property via all the most popularly visited rental sites as well as various print sources. Furthermore, we believe that a successful landlord-tenant relationship begins with selecting the ideal tenant for the requirements of your home.

In order to ensure a positive experience for all involved parties, our professionally trained staff is experienced in quickly and efficiently locating, approving, and moving in the right tenant. Tenants that start happy tend to stay in a residence longer; and to guarantee a natural fit, we provide both screening and placement services based on the property owner’s needs.

Marketing and Advertising

Preparing a custom marketing plan includes:

  • Displaying on Available Property Flyer, which is distributed throughout the area
  • Posting at RentCentralPa.com, RentMechanicsburg.com and RentHarrisburg.com
  • Premium internet list distribution on over 40 sites (Small Additional Charge)
  • Custom sign, Flyer and banners (Small Additional Charge)
  • Print advertising in local papers (Charge Varies depending on publication)
  • Radio, TV, Billboard and the Blimp advertising (Really Large Additional Charge)

Tenant Screening 

Locating the ideal tenant for your property includes:

  • Assisting and interviewing prospective tenants during the application process
  • Verifying tenant’s identity, reported income, and rental history
  • Running credit report and criminal history checks
  • Determining if tenant has any outstanding judgements or open bankruptcies
  • Approving tenant who meet the criteria established with the owner

Tenant Placement 

Placing the ideal tenant for your property includes:
  • Obtaining the prospective tenant’s security deposit
  • Ensuring that the tenant obtains renter’s insurance
  • Preparing and executing a lease
  • Creating a video and digital photo record of the unit prior to move in
  • Transferring utilities to the tenant’s name
  • Completing a move-in checklist and orienting the tenant to the unit

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